Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Phliberty-Jibbits by William Moore

This story, Phliberty-Jibbits, by William Moore is about a young girl named Ima Jean Snodgrass, who finds a little shop called Phliberty-Jibbits . Ima Jean makes new friends and learns anything is possible. Phliberty, who is the owner of the shop, goes on a daring rescue to find Jibbits. Ima Jean goes with him and tries to survive a lot of obstacles, and will Ima Jean rescue Jibbits and save Phliberty from losing the shop?

William Moore writes an adventure story filled with different feelings, like sad, excited, surprised and disappointed. This story was definitely a page turner and I could picture the setting when I close my eyes. Moore taught me a lesson that anything was possible. The author gave a lot of details and did a pretty good job wrapping up subplots. I would recommend this book to anyone who believes anything is possible and likes adventure.

Reviewer Age:9
Reviewer City, State and Country: Elkton, Maryland United States of America