Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One In A Hundred Million by, Marion Urichich

Like all little boys, Marion Urichich got scrapes, bruises, and cuts all throughout his childhood. However, Marion's story differs from other little boys in extraordinary ways. "This guy has more lives than a cat!" the cover of "One in a Hundred Million" boasts, and it is not kidding! In speaking of just his childhood, Marion has part of his ear ripped off, a knot on the front of his head from a pool ball, and firecrackers in his ears. But Marion's almost unbelievable stories don't end there. For those who love true tales, taking a peek at Marion's autobiography would make your day.

I'm sure others might find this book very intriguing, I, however, had a hard time reading it. I didn't particularly enjoy the first chapter because it seemed like Marion spent the whole chapter telling readers that he wrote this book to share his stories and let others know how generous and big-hearted he was. However, if you look past the first chapter, the stories are interesting. It surprised me to find that Marion suffered awful injuries and hardly ever received medical care. Anyone who enjoys reading the unbelievable will probably enjoy this book as well.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Mineola, Texas U.S.A.