Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Noodle Pie

I just read the book Noodle Pie by Ruth Starke. This book is about a 12 year old boy named Andrew Nguyen, Andy for short, going to Vietnam for the first time with his father, who hasn’t seen Vietnam since he escaped as a refugee from a back then communist Vietnam to Australia. Now his father is going back, and is taking Andy with him. Right from the start, Andy realizes this is going to be no ordinary trip where the only thing to look forward to is jetlag and visiting relatives. What happens in this piece of realistic fiction, you might ask? Read Noodle Pie to find out.

Noodle Pie was a very interesting book. I found the description of the setting to be very vivid and descriptive, and I felt as if I were really in Vietnam with reckless drivers and polluted air. The book contains a humorous and yet serious tone. The book is funny because it is from an 11 year old boy’s point of view. However, the author also pinpoints the fact that there are thousands of street kids in Vietnam today. This brings a touch of seriousness to the book, but does not kill the humor in this book. I believe that the characters could be real because they act like any other kids would if they were in that situation. I think the way I felt about the characters really affected how much I liked the book. The author has a humorous yet serious tone. In this book, lack of detail was non-existent. The author left me hanging at the end, and I was left wondering about the main character’s adventures that started at the very end of the book. In conclusion, this is what I thought about the book Noodle Pie.

Content: 1
Rating: 6
Reviewer Age: 12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Braintree, Massachusetts United States of America