Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nature Girl by Jane Kelley

Eleven year old Meagan didn’t want to be stuck in Vermont for the whole summer without her best friend, Lucy. The summer looks like it’s going to be horrible. It gets worse when Meagan gets lost on the Appalachian Trail with only her loyal dog, Arp. Instead of going back, she decides to prove herself and walk, oops, hike to Massachusetts, where Lucy is staying. Along the way she begins to discover herself more. After all, she has a long time to think and think and think.

I liked this book because I love how Meagan perseveres; hiking from Vermont to Massachusetts. She thinks about the times when she and Lucy were together and how she acted. I found this book very moving. I would definitely recommend this book to others. Why? This is a very touching book.

Reviewer Age: 10

Reviewer Cities, State and Country: Katy, Texas USA