Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Conspiracy 365: May by Gabrielle Lord

Cal has been locked in a mental institution, and given the fake identity of Ben Galloway. The only problem with this is, he doesn't know who put him there or how he got there. Vulkan Sligo has stolen important documents pertaining to his father's murder case. Cal is informed from his shrink that he will be released when he gives the the papers to Vulkan. Cal tries to persuade his shrink that Mr.Sligo is lying and that "Ben" is really Cal Ordman. After his chat with his shrink, Cal tries to run away from the asylum, but his plans are foiled by a guard! Then, one day Cal was watching television and saw his mother had been assaulted. Finally, Cal is able to contact Boges secretly over an email. Boges is allowed to visit Cal at the asylum, and Cal finds out that Boges has the documents. Then Boges dresses up Cal like a woman, and sneaks him out of the institution! Cal leaves town to get away from the police. The rest, you need to read and find out!

I wasn't a fan of this story. It was book 5 in the series and I didn't understand the plot. The setting wasn't very appealing, or interesting. The author didn't make the mental institution as exciting as it could have been. The main character is Cal, he wasn't a very interesting character. He was locked in a mental institution, yet didn't share his strong feelings for this situation. The author of this book made Cal feel boring, and i didn't connect with him at all. The author's voice just had a humdrum tone about it. The writing was difficult to follow and at times just didn't make sense. I found this book dull and at times it felt like the author was trying to push the situation too hard! I didn't learn anything from this book. I wouldn't recommend this book to readers, it was humdrum and the plot didn't make sense.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Enon, Ohio United States