Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Twilight Gods by Hayden Thorne

London was a beautiful place in 1851. It attracted people near and far to see the Great Exhibition full of new inventions, and exotic treasures. Fifteen-year-old Norris discovered mysterious shadow folk among the crowds of people. His life was starting to bore him until a strange widow became a renter of one of his parent s vacant rooms. She slowly revealed the secrets of the shadow folk, and his connection to them. In the end, he is faced with a life-changing decision.
The characters were wonderfully drawn by Hayden Thorne. Her writing was very impressive, and she makes this story very captivating. The Twilight Gods was a real page turner in the end. The story's characters were so real, I feel like I actually met the family. I recommend this book to YA readers who like a fun, supernatural, history read.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Springfield, OH USA