Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Pillow Book of Lotus Lowenstein by Libby Schmais

The Pillow Book of Lotus Lowenstein by Libby Schmais is a realistic-fiction journal about a teenager named Lotus who is an anything French addict. Her greatest aspiration is to live in France and live as an existentialist. She is not looking for love, but when a cute boy walks into to the French Club she created, she is head-over-heels. When Lotus hears that her best friend, Joni, feels the same way about the new boy, Sean, she hides her feelings, for she doesn't want to stomp on the socially awkward Joni's first crush. This book talks about how insane a teen's life can be and shows how boys can test friendship.

It is necessary to say that this book will not be the next literary masterpiece of the decade, but it is a truly "livre intressant." I loved how the author decided to use French continually during the book; it really brought out the main character's character! While the book did move fast enough, I felt there was really no plot line. The book really didn't go anywhere. Also, I didn't like many sexual comments that littered the pages, even though I am a teen, and this is a teenage book. Overall a "merveilleux" read!

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Lake Bluff, IL The United States of America