Monday, February 15, 2010

Counterfeit Son by Elaine Marie Alphin

As the son of a serial killer, Cameron Miller has had a very troubled life. Trapped in a cellar for days at a time, he reads the haunting newspaper clips of his father's victims, and sits trying not to listen to the muffled screams and inhaling the sickly sweet smell of death. His father's filing cabinet contains golden information; families that have lost their sons to his father, families that need a miracle of their son returning.

When his father dies, Cameron decides to become Neil Lacey, a short and scrawny 14 year old with hazel eyes and brown hair. Cameron cons the authorities into thinking he is really Neil Lacey, and he must trick his new family with only the newspaper clippings to provide him with the information he needs. He soon realizes that living the life in a prim and fancy neighborhood on the coast isn't nearly as easy as it would seem to be.

As he starts to settle into his new life, his bubble of protection is soon ruptured when his father's accomplice tracks him down. The accomplice threatens his new family and Cameron's secret unless Cameron steals valuable items from his new house. Will Cameron's identity be revealed? Can he manage to trick his rival? Is all hope lost for the Laceys?

Counterfeit Son by Elaine Marie Alphin was spectacular. It was short but definitely not sweet. This harrowing yet incredibly written tale had the right amount of detail and expressed the woe of a teenage boy's experience that no one should ever have. The first few chapters were a bit confusing. However, once the plot was fully explained, I was stuck to the book. The characters came to life, and they were easy to relate to. This book has many, many unsuspected twists and turns, and an ending that will blow your mind. The end of the book is probably the one of the biggest surprises that I have ever had. Counterfeit Son is fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone (age 12 or older) who loves a good mystery.

Some material (some frightening situations) and violence that may not be suitable without approval from an adult.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Osseo, Wisconsin United States