Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Night Children by Kit Reed

Jule is just an ordinary girl...except for the fact that her parents have mysteriously been taken away one night. Her aunt disappears soon after and Jule decides to visit one of the biggest malls ever, the Castertown MegaMall, to escape her loneliness and fear. After being locked in the mall's biggest attraction - the WhirlyFunRide - she accidentally gets stuck in the mall overnight and discovers mysteries about lost and abandoned children and some who just ran away. No one knows about these children. They have formed different groups of night children and are staying and living in the mall with all the other groups and their leaders. What they don't know is that the evil Amos Zozz is scheming to take revenge on all the night children for an incident that destroyed his life many years ago. Even the two biggest group enemies see that they will have to work together to save all of the night children from what is about to happen.

I thought this book was very fun to read. I liked reading and learning from all the characters and different sides of the story. The author created a very fun and exciting book for anyone to read. I think the book is very unexpected in a good way. This book was hard to put down. I got involved in the story within the first few chapters. The book gave few details in the beginning and made me want to read even more. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a little mystery and adventure.

Reviewer Age:12

Reviewer City, State and Country: Midlothian, VA, USA