Thursday, August 07, 2008

Forever Changes by Brendan Halpin

Inspirational, emotional, heartfelt, and vivid. These are all words that describe the book, Forever Changes. Brianna is in her golden years. She's in high school, has a social life, and a parent who cares about her a lot. Even though Brianna has an illness that is hard to cure, she does her best in whatever she sets her mind to. Ever since Brianna started her third year of high school, something seems to be missing. Her father keeps nagging her about college and her best friends push her to the limit with things she doesn't care about. On the other hand there's Mr. Eccles, her math teacher, who gives her the idea that solving infinity is possible. Brianna seems to struggle to pull the pieces of her life together, but stops when she see's that her future may be coming to an end.

At first when I started the book, I knew I couldn't put it down. Every one of those words were sinking into me deeper and deeper as I read along. Forever Changes really made me think about all the challenges that a person might have to face in life and how they deal with them. When I finished that book, I realized that I was a really lucky person. I'm healthy, athletic, and I have friends and a family that care for me very much. If I lost any of those things, I don't know how I would survive. Forever Changes truly showed me that there isn't always that perfect little world out there for everyone. There will always be people who get the short end of the stick and others who are more fortunate and get the long end of the stick. No matter what kind of obstacles are out there, a person can always make them into journey's that they will never forget.
Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Gearhart, Or U.S.A.