Friday, August 08, 2008

Breathe by Cliff McNish

Inhale, exhale. A simple, involuntary action that most of us do without trouble. Jack, on the other hand, has asthma: asthma that has almost killed him. But in his new house, there are things at work... things much more dangerous then his asthma. The more Jack learns, the deeper he gets into the secrets of his new home, and the more danger he puts himself and his mother in. And what he finds out, just might kill him.

Although death and theories of an afterlife might be deep and complex topics, Breathe by Cliff McNish was an easy read. The combination of simple vocabulary and phrases and the non-stop commotion caused by the colorful cast of characters practically gave me insomnia. I couldn't stop reading and I got through the 261 pages in little under four hours. I was instantly captivated by the twisting plot and the portrayal of the hero, Jack, as a brave and intelligent young man. Breathe was refreshing and simple, but one of my favorite books this summer!

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: marblehead, MA US

Rating: 8

Content Rating: 1