Sunday, June 29, 2008

Future Americas by Edited by John Helfers & Martin H. Greenberg

This collection of short stories about the future includes murder mysteries and descriptions of quaint and peaceful rural homes. But each story makes the reader realize it’s hard to peer into the future, no matter how many clues the present may hold. One of the authors provides a glimpse into the future with travelers who don’t travel into the future, but instead take a step back in time with each year. For instance, travelers step back into the medieval times with its fancy clothing, but the story still has a touch of the future with tour guides and hover cars. Another short story is “Family Photos” by Andrew Swann, which peers into the future where killers and abusers outnumber regular civilians. In “Jesus Runs,” by George Zebrowski, twelve men called “Jesus” run for presidential office; they are considered frauds, but can mysteriously bring the long dead back to life. Overall, most of the stories had one message: the future is not bright.

I thought most of the stories were great, but my favorite was, “Acirema the Rellik,” by Robert Jeschonek. It is a murder mystery. The story I least liked was “The Rotator,” by Pamela Sargent, because I didn’t really get the point of the story. It was kind of confusing. Overall, all of the stories had an important lesson about how we can change the future with the actions we take today.


Reviewer Age:11

Reviewer City, State and Country: Ocala, Florida United States