Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A new student review of Subway Love

AKFeldman posted a new student review of Subway Love . See the full review.

I think Subway Love is fresh and new. While I do not always love teenage romance, this book is a clever and fascinating take on two popular topics: teen romance and time-travel. 

I love the rich and well-developed characters. Without interesting back stories or cute, awkward dialogue, I may not have liked the story as much as I did. 

My only qualm about Subway Love is the format in the beginning. Before Jonas and Laura's storylines intersect, I think the cuts bewteen points of view are hasty and truncated. I would have liked to read a little more about one character before switching to another. 

Besides the formatting bit, I have no other problems with Subway Love. I would recommend it to young adults who enjoy magical realism and romance, and are looking for a quick read.