Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time Fighters: The Shifter Prince (eBook) by Mark Budman

The Shifter Prince is a book about two gifted teens whose stories collide a few chapters into the book. One character is a high school exchange student named Amber, and she is visiting the country of Poslopia, her father' s native country. Poslopia is a dictatorship, heavily enforced by the government, with a rebel group on the loose trying to overthrow them. While in Poslopia, she meets a boy named Yaroslav, a native Poslopian boy with the ability to shape shift, a common Poslopian trait, and one that Amber envies. There is something special about Yaroslav though, and that is that he is a Talent. Talents are special because, while normal shape shifters have a glow surrounding them, they are able to completely change themselves into another being without any trace. When Amber and Yaroslav meet, they instantly have a connection, and that is when Amber tells Yaroslav about her gift, the gift of time travel. At that time, they get the news that Libya, the leader of the rebels, has been captured. Amber and Yaroslav must travel back in time to find important information so they can free Libya and free Poslopia.

This book was very intriguing and well written. I felt that Mark Budman left you at just the right moment at the end of chapters and at the end of the book. I really hope he writes a sequel because if not, the end will leave a lot of people hanging, but if he does, it will definitely sell well. I would absolutely recommend this book to any of my friends because I felt it had just the right amount of mystery, action, and even some romance. Mr. Budman kept the story flowing while adding just the right amount of detail. He explained the characters well and always kept us wanting to read more. I predict that The Shifter Prince will be a huge success.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Charlotte, NC USA