Friday, May 27, 2011

Bloodline Rising by Katy Moran

Bloodline Rising is a companion novel to Bloodline by Katy
Moran that follows the story of Essa and Lark s son Cai.
Bloodline Rising picks up several years after Bloodline
when Essa s family is living in Constantinople after
escaping Britain. Cai is supposed to be looking after the
members of his family since Essa is away at war. But after
Cai s younger sister dies suddenly Cai cannot bear the
grief and so he becomes The Ghost, an expert thief.
Unfortunately being one of the most powerful thieves
naturally makes some other thieves your enemies. One of
the other thieves sells him onto a slave ship away from
his family and the great city he loves. Cai ends up in
Britain, the barbarian land that his parents left, where
he begins to uncover the dark past of his parents that he
never knew. Along the way Cai stumbles across old allies
and hated enemies of his father and unknowingly becomes
ensnared in a political war between different groups in
Britain. Will Cai go back to the ways of his sneaky past
or will he use his stealthy gift for good?

Bloodline Rising was even more interesting than the first
book, Bloodline. The character of Cai, Essa s son, is very
interesting to read about and very well written. Having
characters from Bloodline reappear was a nice surprise and
the writing about Cai s ways as a thief in Constantinople
was fascinating. The ending is similar to Bloodline as it
almost has a and they walked off into the sunset, happily
ever after feel, like the story wasn t wrapped up
properly. On the good side you learn some history about
Britain and other parts of the world at this time period.
I would recommend this book as long as you read Bloodline

Reviewer Age: 15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Loves Park, Illinois
United States