Monday, March 01, 2010

Chosen by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Zoey Redbird is a unique fledling with intricate tattoes who is on the verge of becoming psychotic. She is having trouble deciding who she will be with between her boyfriends, Heath and Erik. Along with being outstandish and blessed by her Goddess Nyx, she tries to live a normal life. The themes are romance, comedy, and fantasy. It is romance because it deals with Zoey trying to find her true love. It is comedy because it has a lot of really funny jokes in the book. It is a fantasy because it talks about vampyres.

The way the authors wrote it makes me feel like I'm Zoey herself. They give vivid details and characters. When I close my eyes I feel like I'm there right where Zoey is. It has a very dark mood because it talks about death and the apocolypse coming. The characters are very vivid and I feel like they are real because the way the authors describe them reminds me of my friends (except Aphrodite because none of my friends are that mean). I like how it's written because the main character, Zoey, talks in the first person.

I think the author's purpose was to keep the reader reading and yes I think their purpose was achieved. The way it was written was very beautiful. They used proper grammer and a very big vocabulary. The strength of this book was very vivid. The weakness of this book was sometiemes it got off track. I found the book to be very interesting. I didn't like the ending because it made me want more. No, I did not learn anything important from the book. I would recommend this book to others because of the vividy, characters and vocabulary.

The book has a ton of cuss words and sexual content.

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Loves Park, IL U.S.A