Monday, January 25, 2010

The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay

This book is a fantasy adventure novel. Several years before the book began, the Revelation occurred, bringing off-world beings reminiscent of the angels, fairies, and demons of myth into open contact with humans. As a result, Atlanta has become a mixing pot and hotbed of off-world and human crime. The Atlanta P.D. Integration Task Force partners humans and non-humans to deal with this crime. One of its detectives is Charlie Madigan, a divorced mother of one. She has been recently resurrected from the dead, which has left her with horrible and mysterious dreams. Her partner is Hank, a siren who can control beings with his voice if he removes his voice-modification device. Together, they are trying to track down the source of a new, deadly, and off-world narcotic known as ash. While doing so, Charlie must deal with and protect her daughter, her sister, and her ex-husband. This book is the first by Kelly Gay and has a sequel coming out in August.

This book wasinteresting and entertaining but not completely satisfying. The settings and various types of beings were well explained and creative. The characters, especially Charlie, develop as the book progresses. The plot is enjoyable and has unexpected twists. As a side note, this book had several references to sexuality and a few lust-charged scenes. However, the ending was not conclusive enough. There are still unanswered questions and unresolved serious problems. There is going to be at least one sequel, possibly more. The book is best for someone who likes fantasy and adventure and either enjoys or does not mind some complex relationships and sexuality. Readers should also expect to be left hanging and waiting for the sequel.

This book had both violence and sexual references. It is best for high school or adult readers.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Royersford, PA United States