Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Kindling of Greenfyr by Mark Freeman

Owen was just a lonely boy living in a sleepy snowy town. He was the kind of boy who finds a cozy spot in his room and reads with his cat, but he was also the kind of boy who sneaks out through his window to take walks in the woods. During one of these walks, his entire life changes when he meets a snow leopard. When Owen saves the snow leopard from a pack of crazy dogs, he sets a whole chain of events in place that take him to a world unknown to humans. A world of fairies and troll, shapeshifters and sorcerers.

When Owen's parents are kidknapped by beings from this world, Owen embarks on a quest that will ultimately decide the fate of this world and his own.

To be completely truthful, I did not really enjoy this book. The plot was that of a generic fantasy adventure- you know the type, young hero traveling with a wise old mentor, pretty princess in danger, and brave and valient warrior buddies, embarks on a quest that will determine the fate of the world. I was not overly impressed with this because it is nothing new to the literary world.

One strength of the book was that the author used very descriptive writing. Scenes were described so vividly that I could picture them in my mind. However, sometimes the author got a little carried away with the descriptions and I found myself having to reread whole sections of the book because I got lost.

The vocabulary level is not very difficult to understand, which makes it a good book for people with lower vocabulary levels to read. However, they could only do this if they could get over all of the grammar mistakes! This book was unrevised and unedited. This really upsetted me because I had to repeatedly reread sections of the book to figure out what the author was trying to relate. This was distracting to the story. Also, becaus it was unrevised, several portions of the book could have been taken out because they were completely uneccesary to the plotline.

Overall, this novel came up short of my expectations, and while it entertained me for a few hours, I would definately not read it again.

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Brownsburg, IN United States of America