Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Rule of Won

Caleb Dunne is a self-pronounced slacker. After his brush
with the law last winter, his overly-motivated semi-
girlfriend Vicky insists that he begin attending "craves".
These are meetings for the new club modelled after the
popular book The Rule of Won. At first, Caleb embraces
the way and is ready to "imanifest" until his brain falls
out, but before long, the group starts to take on an
almost cult-like appearance and Caleb opts out. This
seemingly harmless idea that you can get whatever you want
by just believing starts a movement that gains popularity
throughout Screech Neck High. It becomes apparent that if
you aren't with the club then you are against it.
Bullying, violence and stealing are just some of the
various tactics these club-members employ to get their
point across and it's time for someone to take a stand.

Stefan Petrucha has a wonderful ability to make the
characters come to life. Caleb, among others, has
wonderful depth and a witty manner that entertained me
throughout this book. Its language also drew me into the
book and allowed me to visualize the various settings. One
of the downfalls of the book is that I am unable to
connect with some of the references to other sources that
are made. Besides this, the book was an enjoyable read
and is suitable for both boys and girls.


Reviewer City, State and Country: Richmond,
Virginia United States of America