Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Clabbernappers by Len Bailey

Is this a dream or what? Danny Ray, the best rodeo cowboy of the Junior Division in Oklahoma, gets a nasty surprise when he walks through a doorway. One second he was at the Cherokee Country Fair Grounds and another at a Chess-piece Kingdom named Elidor. There he is burdened by a mission: to find the queen before the Great Chess Game begins! Along with the snobby Prince of Elidor, Danny Ray is twirled into an adventure of a lifetime.

Although beginning with a cliché start, Clabbernappers is definitely an entertaining, adventurous and humorous read. Filled with effective details and intriguing suspense, the tale is extremely similar to the style displayed in “Jabberwocky”, a poem by Lewis Carroll. Some may think the story is childish, others may not. In conclusion, Clabbernappers is a must-read for people who love the unlimited borders of imagination.

Rating: 7