Saturday, December 03, 2005

I Am The Wallpaper by Mark Peter Hughes

When Floey Packer writes something in her diary, you know it's the truth. (In her diary, she writes about everything from her crush on her friend Wen to her plans for the future, supercool, noticeable Floey Packer.) That is, until her two gross cousins come over to her house to stay for a month! Within days, the contents of her diary are on the Internet for the world to read. Within hours, has gathered thousands of readers from all over the country. Floey must not only deal with the results of these disastrous web postings, but also decide whether or not the new and improved Floey is better than the old, wallpaper Floey. Along the way to enlightenment Zen-style, she finds humor in many situations, uses a jar of Deep Wild Violet hairdye, and even gets a bit of romance!

I enjoyed reading I Am the Wallpaper because it was a fun and lighthearted book that nevertheless had a solid storyline that kept me wondering how on earth Floey would overcome her latest batch of problems. I would recommend this book to almost anyone looking for a sweet story, though it may be a bit mature for the younger readers. I could not change anything about this book to make it better! Mark Peter Hughes has really mastered the "13-year-old-girl's-diary" style...I found myself drawn into the trials of Floey's life from page one.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 9
Reviewer Age: 14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Ellicott City, Maryland USA