Sunday, October 16, 2016

A new student review of Mind Over Bullies - A MOB Forms by D.K. Smith

Ampster posted a new student review of Mind Over Bullies - A MOB Forms by D.K. Smith. See the full review.

Mind Over Bullies was an intriguing, thrilling book to read. It kept me on my toes begging for more. Smith's writing is beautiful and enjoyable. I personally thought the counterfeiting twist was ingenious. It was intricate and brought so much life to the overall story. The anti-bullying superheroes were amazing and heart-touching. I loved how brave they were and how differently they confronted the bullies.


The counterfeiting scheme, the bullying, and the regular drama of high school blended together to tell a story that caught my attention and held it for hours. The mystery left me guessing until the very last page. I thought Margo was a strong-willed and independent protagonist. She didn't let people take over for her, and she learned not to let other people's words get to her. I also really enjoyed how the different stories from around the world from different perspectives came together into one climax. The danger and the emotion gave so much depth to this book that it left me aching for a sequel. The book was very well written and captured the thoughts and feelings of bullied teenagers from around the world.