Thursday, October 20, 2016

A new student review of The Career-Minded Student by Neil O'Donnell

Gwendolyn posted a new student review of The Career-Minded Student by Neil O'Donnell. See the full review.

While mainly geared at students leaving high school and entering college for the first time, students of all ages and levels of education can find useful information in O’Donnell’s guide. As someone who went to community college as high-school, I’ve already learned some of the initial advice given from personal experience. However, there were still helpful tidbits of wisdom that will surely make my (and any already experienced college student’s) life easier, including segments on stress and time management.


With sections on how to overcome participation anxiety, ways to get the most out of studying, the importance of expressing gratitude as well as asking for help, and more, this handy book acts as a concise guide useful for many future experiences in the education realm.


O'Donnell encourages readers to strive for their best, while being clear not to encourage one to work towards a specific career goal, as that is a decision entirely up to the reader. This neutrality of the author makes for a versatile guide with the ability to reach multiple readers with virtually any career in mind.


With the statement that “education is an ongoing process,” the author translates a philosophy that learning is infinite, and that rather than be daunted by this fact, one should take comfort in it. By suggesting to pursue one’s interests (and know that it’s okay to change one’s mind), take advice with a grain of salt (as it might not always apply to you), and accept that there will be struggles (resourcefulness is key), O’Donnell makes the idea of working towards one’s ideal career a little less intimidating and all the more exciting.

Without feeling patronizing, The Career-Minded Student gives advice, wisdom, and suggestion, acting as a timeless book for any student of nearly any age or career path.