Thursday, February 18, 2016

A new student review of Chantarelle by Genevieve Morgan

kgirlskittles posted a new student review of Chantarelle by Genevieve Morgan. See the full review.


This book starts off confusing, but rapidly improves upon reaching chapter four. Chantarelle is filled with mystery, humor, and romance. I would suggest this book to my fellow fangirls, or anyone twelve and up, looking for a book to take  you far away from where you are. If it were up to me, I would change the relationship status of Caspar and Rysta and make them a couple. And I would make the font slightly larger, as it is painful to read.

My favorite part of this book was when Knox and Evelyn were returning to Ayda, due to the references to the first book. G.A. Morgan is absolutely excellent at creating characters you can't help but love, and those you can't help but hate. I look forward to reading the third one!