Friday, April 10, 2015

A new student review of Toks & the Phoenix Project by A.S Lawal

sisto8 posted a new student review of Toks & the Phoenix Project by A.S Lawal. See the full review.

This book was great! The plot was interesting and very unique. I enjoyed reading about the characters’ findings in their projects. The author made each finding seem important to the character, while keeping their reactions from appearing overly dramatic. The characters’ interactions with each other were realistic. Some books make me wonder whether or not someone in real life would actually say what the character had said. That was not a problem with this story. I also thought the college setting was noteworthy. I have read very few young adult books based around a college setting.

However, I had a difficult time connecting with the story at first. I didn’t understand entirely what was going on; things seemed a bit jumbled together. I had to reread a few sentences in order to comprehend their full meaning. I became a bit frustrated when I read about the project, because I didn’t develop a full idea of what it was until I was several chapters into the book. By the middle of the book, most of my confusion was gone. I really enjoyed the last half. Overall, I think this book was wonderful!  I recommend it for teens aged 12 and above.