Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A new student review of Phoenix (Phoenix Elite #1) by Melissa Starr

E_Hunter posted a new student review of Phoenix (Phoenix Elite #1) by Melissa Starr. See the full review.

I wanted to love this story, as it had a great synopsis and sounded like something I would be interested in but I couldn’t invest and it took me awhile to read all the way through.

That being said, the pacing of the story was fast. It jumped from days to months and it was confusing to figure out the time frame of everything that happened. The fast pace didn’t need to happen at all, as there was a lot of things that weren’t explained.

Our main character, Elora, finds out she is a Phoenix on her 16th birthday. Besides a letter from her dead mother and a-rather quick-oath she has to swear by, there is nothing added. No history, why it’s happening. She didn’t even freak out. Who wouldn’t have a mini freak out if wings sprouted from their backs?

I became rather annoyed when I learned what Phoenixes are really called. This book had nothing to do with it and yet the name appears everywhere. As I’m trying not to give away spoilers, I’ll just say it makes no sense.

I found a few grammatical and spelling errors in this book and it really became hard for me to continue reading. The tone of the story felt off too, as in not consistent from the beginning, middle and end.

Overall, the book itself is just odd. I couldn’t find anything I liked about it unfortunately. The writing could use more edits and have the pace slow down a lot more. There isn’t really a climax either, which is disappointing. I can’t honestly recommend this series.