Friday, September 19, 2014

A new student review of Shadows by E. C. Blake posted a new student review of Shadows by E. C. Blake. See the full review.

The book Shadows, by E. C. Blake was a fantastic story describing a power struggle between those without magic and those with it. Blake’s idea of magic was interesting. It intrigued me that magic was found in a black stone and the human using the magic has a “magic meter bar” letting them hold only so much power in their system. I also enjoyed how Blake described magic in colors, with most people only able to call upon certain colors. Also, the concept of Mara’s ability to pull magic from others was very cool and an awesome idea. E. C. Blake has opened up a doorway into a new style of magical fantasy. Another reason I loved this story was because of the instant connection I felt with the characters, none of the characters were perfect at all, giving me the ability to really relate with each and every one of the characters. To say the least, I am trembling in anticipation for the next book, Faces, to be released. I would recommend both Masks and Shadows to anyone who has a passion for reading or enjoys fantasy style stories.