Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A new student review of Extracted (The Lost Imperials Book One) by Sherry Ficklin

fire_galaxy posted a new student review of Extracted (The Lost Imperials Book One) by Sherry Ficklin. See the full review.

This is one of those books that you can stay up all night reading and if you go to sleep, you will be dreaming about the book. The setting is pretty detailed, some things could be more detailed but you can still close your eyes and travel time with the Rifters at your side. It is definitely a little romantic since Lex goes throughout the time stream and The Tesla Institute just to find his girlfriend but don’t shy away just because it is a little romantic, there is plenty of action and in places, it is hilarious. The characters are very well described and most of them are likeable, but the one that most people will hate or dislike would be Tesla, well I think most people would. I like how it is told in first-person, I don’t think it would have been good if it was written any other way. I definitely want to know what happened after the book ended but I guess that’s why it is a series. The strength of this book is the plot, it is easy to understand and a good plot for anyone who likes sci-fi. It doesn’t really have a weakness but it could be a little more detailed. You might find yourself thinking “Is this possible” or “How do I sign up to be a Rifter?!” I would recommend it to all my friends who like fiction books, but hey, it could be possible in the future to time travel.