Sunday, March 09, 2014

A new student review of Jade Dreams (Sacred Stones) by Wakefield Mahon

tkh2002 posted a new student review of Jade Dreams (Sacred Stones) by Wakefield Mahon. See the full review.

I liked the story of the book, but I feel like the character develpment was weak. Raven, the main antagonist, came out of nowhere. Her backstory was never explained and I think if her character was better developed the book would be much less confusing. I also wish the relationship between Becca and her parents was played out more. Last but not least, I think the ending was rushed. I had so many questions going through my mind and only a few of them were answered by the last few chapters and the epilogue. Despite the issues I mentioned, I do believe this book could be really good. The idea behind the storyline was great and I got a pretty good understanding of the main characters, but not enough to fall in love with the novel. I would really like to see these changes made and get another chance to read it because I do think it could be great.