Friday, March 14, 2014

A new student review of And We Stay

Marianna posted a new student review of And We Stay . See the full review.

Best book I have ever read, I loved how fast pace the story was and how it was always evolving. There was loads of foreshadowing that almost made it impossible to put the book down. The story was so descriptive and well written, you could see the characters come to life one page at a time. The protagonist, Emily Beam was forced to cope with her boyfriends loss and the abortion of their child alone, until she started attending Amherst School for Girls. It was not until Emily arrived that her cuts could be slowly stitched together by her best friend and roommate  K.T, her crazy friend Amber, and her wonderful French teacher Madame Cloche. I enjoyed the different bonds they each shared with Emily. However, I think Emily Beam held the strongest understanding and also the purest bond with Emily Dickson's spirit. I also appreciated the fact that Emily's horrific tragedies were able to be made into beautifully captivating poems. It was an inspirational read  that  took your emotions for a roller coaster. I cherished the end because  Emily was finally able to gain closure.

Although transitions from Emily's  past to her present were sometimes unclear. 

I would recommend this to any young adult reader who likes a fast paced book with tons of drama!