Sunday, November 17, 2013

A new student review of Stryker

davimcka posted a new student review of Stryker . See the full review.

Have you ever wondered how death affects someone’s life? Is the goal to overcome that death and rejoice in that person’s life? Or is it to isolate from the world? Stryker by M. M. Wheezee is fantastic book that can be enjoyed by all ages. The plot is exciting. The characters are very relatable, and you get a glimpse on how someone who has lost so much can save the day!

I personally loved the book. I really like how the plot began with a big bang. Right from the beginning, the earthquake occurs and you get pulled right into the plot. There is no extra time wasted on fluff. In many other books, it take 5-6 chapters just to get the plot rolling. Also, the diction the author uses is great. I didn’t get a full description of who Stryker was but all of his emotions gave me an overall concept. All of the characters like sweet, terrifying girl baseball star named Tien Tang are dynamic and are exciting to see how they develop throughout the story. Stryker also develops an immense amount.

This book will keep you turning pages and it will be hard to set it down. This book is perfect for a long car ride or plane ride because it gives you a chance to have a good read in your hand that you won’t have to worry about not finishing. But this book is only available online or on reading tablets. My only complaint is that this book needs to be published soon so everyone can read it. But overall, this book is exciting for a middle school audience and fun for someone who is looking for a good read over the age of 20.