Friday, September 20, 2013

A new student review of Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel

ReesaOnFire posted a new student review of Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel. See the full review.

I enjoyed Dust Girl just as I expected. I chose this book longing for a story of love, adventure, magic and a dash of history.  I had very high expectations for Dust Girl, and it delivered.

Although the story was slow in the first few chapters, things quickly boiled. The author quickly captured my attention on the mystery of the true identity of Callie’s parents. Then, Zettel had me worrying over how Callie's parents' past would affect her. Zettel’s other characters, Jack Holland and Shimmy, also gained my love with their each own interesting and heartbreaking stories.  I also loved how she mixed in historical descriptions of life back in the years of the Dust bowl and Great Depression.  It was magnificently written and I look forward to reading the sequel.