Monday, July 15, 2013

A new student review of Out of This Place by Emma Cameron

VBat posted a new student review of Out of This Place by Emma Cameron. See the full review.

I enjoyed Out of This Place for many reasons. 

First of all, I genuinely like each of the characters. It is not often that I find a book that depicts realistic characters who make logical decisions. While they are not perfect, Luke, Casey and Bongo's choices make sense and prove to the reader that each has a heart of gold. 

Throughout the book, the story unfolded through three different perspectives. While the storyline remains the same for each point of view, each adds details and emotion to the story. This style allows the reader to get to know each character's life and thoughts, making it easier to relate to each. 

The book was written in prose, but the format included only three or four words per line. Although this format was initially annoying, I eventually began to appreciate the inconvenience. By slowing the reader down, the format forces them to notice the word choices and to really focus on every word. The slow pace makes descriptions harder to skip over, resulting in a more enjoyable reading experience. 

I would recommend Out of This Place to teens and young adults who enjoy realistic fiction.