Thursday, July 25, 2013

A new student review of The Cydonian Pyramid

nowhereman posted a new student review of The Cydonian Pyramid . See the full review.

I thought that this book was ok compared to the first one. The first one set a level  of action and adventure that you think the second one would at least reach, or prehaps even go over it, The second didn't.It was a disapointing read. i thiought this one would be an exelent follow up to the first one, but it just got confusing with all thgat was going on. I think the author could have presented it a less confusing way, or at least include a list of names and descptions, because they are a lot of chacters in the book seris to keep up with. Overall i realy would't recomend this book to people but just to read what happens(if they liked the first one) online, simple and to the point.