Thursday, April 04, 2013

A new student review of Weather Witch

R. Mae posted a new student review of Weather Witch . See the full review.



When I started Weather Witch I had trouble following the plot. The character view changed so often, I couldn't figure out who to vote for and it was very confusing. After reading it for a while, I kind of 'fell into' the plot. It all clicked together and I realized that the multiple points of view taught me a great moral. Jordan hates Bran for trying to make her, and I would have too if I didn't know the truth about him since I had been in his mind. Rowan was snotty, and seemed that way to everyone including me, but in his own head he was perfectly fine. All these different viewpoints gave Weather Witch a unique edge. Once the plot came into focus I really enjoyed the book. One thing I didn't like was that everyone except me knew what the witches were and could do. When everyone else seemed to know what was happening, I didn't and that was annoying.  Even though there were some problems, I really liked the book. Weather Witch is creative and fresh.