Monday, February 11, 2013

A new student review of Birdie by Tony Rosa

MIZZIQ posted a new student review of Birdie by Tony Rosa. See the full review.

For the most part this was a very boring story. I'd suggest taking your time with it even though it's small. There are meanings that you can take from it--whether the author intended them or not. I think that most people can identify with some parts of all the characters. The old man and Mark have a true friendship which is heartwarming. The story doesn't really leave you anywhere. It's more of a story of a kid learning to move on even though he makes mistakes. There's a few flashbacks which were interesting. I wouldn't particurly reccomend this book. It's a lot like the books I usually read so trying to beat some of my favorites are hard---all that to say I wouldn't NOT read it...I just think it was more of a debut book. (Not sure if it was or not.) So the story had meaning and some parts I throughly enjoyed. The ending was almost worth it....however I was glad it was so short.