Sunday, October 07, 2012

Eyeballs Growing All Over Me . . . Again (eBook) by Tony Rauch

For my inaugural Flamingnet book request and subsequent review, I eagerly selected Eyeballs Growing All Over Me&Again by Tony Rauch, from the great literary intellect of which sprouted such imaginative concepts as 40-foot chickens, not to mention heads the size of elephants and elephants the size of heads. Symbolism abounds throughout, and is eluded by neither the teenage generation s disordered bearings on body-size nor the cyclic nature of agoraphobia. But then again, to mangle Freud, sometimes a bee the size of a tricycle is just a bee the size of a tricycle. Yah, don t ask.

Opinions are hard to formulate, and literary works even harder to judge, particularly when, as is the case with Eyeballs Growing All Over Me&Again, I fear instances of brilliance soared over my head not unlike the characters whom, in one intriguing read, wound up shriveling and floating away. My dear Mr. Rauch, what is perhaps my most emphatic and only complaint is this: When symbols are as bountiful and profound as yours, I ask you- no, I beg of you-do not constrain them to the smallest housing suitable. Many a story ended with my pounding my head on the desk in frustration, and I wouldn t be surprised if it soon must be replaced by that of a goat. That being said, however, I must congratulate you on generating such frustration, as few students weep at the end of their math book. Despite my slight criticisms, I recommend this book to any and all, and anxiously await the completion of your upcoming works. Job well done.

Brief references to alcohol, drugs,and/or mature behaviors, the stories' content may be interpreted by younger readers as mildly disturbing.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Yardley, Pennsylvania United States