Tuesday, April 17, 2012

True Intentions

True Intentions
A mysterious car accident, a special gift, a gorgeous demon&..What's sixteen-year-old Ava OBrian in Lisa Kuehne's new novel, True Intentions, to do? After a freak car accident killed her father and her beloved twin brother, Aiden, Ava is struggling to find the good in her new situation,moving from her Chicago alcove to Lake Arrowhead, California, with her mother. Relocating to Rim of the World High School where Audi's, Volvos, and Barbie Doll girls rule isn't any picnic, either. Ava can barely keep from breaking down and begging her mother to cart her back to Chicago, until, one fateful day, she meets and falls for Samuel Perry, the single most stunning guy on the planet. When he asks her out, she feels like she's in a dream, until,wait for it,he reveals to her that he is a demon, a real-life solider of Satan, set out to tempt and destroy her. What Sam didn't plan on was falling in love with Ava. The dark angels call her a Mahatma, a human being with a soul to influence others to do well, the polar opposite of Satan's warped intentions. Ava is shocked when she discovers her special capability, and terrified of the danger she is in. When Sam refuses to hurt her or her family, Lucifer plots revenge- a slow and painful death for both charges. Ava and Sam are soon on the run, trying to outwit Satan's many angels of darkness that have been around for thousands of years. Death may be getting closer, closer...
Will it be quick? I ask him, in too much pain to move. Probably not. he answers honestly.

This book was extraordinary. From the very beginning, I was twirling my hair nervously around my finger and anxiously biting my nails. True Intentions swept me up into a mystical aurora and a world of suspense, with a taste of romance to whet my heart's craving. I would predict the ending, taking the clues out a few chapters then, Wham!--The next page offered a whole new twist to Ava and Sam's predicament. I fell in love with the characters immediately; I could relate to their feelings of grief and sorrow over the choices they made, the past they couldn't change. The story plot flowed very smoothly, wrapping me in pure intrigue and sense of wariness as I waited and read to see if the dynamic duo would live to see another day. I also immensely enjoyed the ideas that this novel portrayed on the subject of temptation. The devil doesn't necessarily have two horns and a pitchfork. The devil could just be purely temptation,the dirty show you want to watch, the enemy you really want to harm, the cliques that you feel the unexplainable need to prove yourself to. Though I really, really, really adored this novel, it had its rough spots, too. Sometimes the whole Ava/Sam fiasco got slightly sappy, with little or no action in the storyline. Most times, though, the balance of action and romance was perfection. In my very unprofessional opinion, this was a fantastic read.
His fierce eyes give me the impression its something pretty significant. His words send a chill down my spine.
I would recommend this book for ages fourteen and up, or mature readers. Basic swear words appear in this novel, but nothing too obscene. There are also quite a few sexual references in this book, but the book does keep things from going too far. This book does make references to God (obviously, if there are demons concerned) but I wouldn't call it a faith based book by far.
With danger constantly chasing them, with Sam and Ava make it out of the jeopardy that surrounds themalive? Can their love survive this hazardous journey? Only True Intentions by Lisa Kuehne has the answer!
Note: If you loved True Intentions, be sure to check out the second book of the trilogy,Deadly Intentions, being released on April 9th, 2012!
There is some cursing, and sexual references
Reviewer Age:12
Leopold, Missouri U.S.A