Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Draw the Dark by Ilsa J. Bick

Draw the Dark by Ilsa J. Bick was a very thought provoking book. It centers around a strange 17 year old boy named Christian Cage. He lives with his uncle in the tiny town of Winter, Wisconsin after losing both his parents and aunt in strange accidents. Christian loves to draw more than anything and he seems to enter another world when he begins to draw. He blocks out the world around him and just draws. Christian mostly draws his mother and her eyes. He believes that she lives in a place that he calls, "the sideways place" and that he must draw her out. When Christian sleeps he wakes up and sees his sketch pad full of weird drawings of the sideways place. Strange things begin to happen in Winter and mysteries arise. Murder, affairs, and more are included in "Draw the Dark."

Draw the Dark was a very interesting book. The overall plot was good, but I felt like some ideas were taken over the top.The author seemed as if she was trying to hard to make the plot confusing and complicated. I left the book with many questions left unanswered. It seems to focus on things that do not seem as important as others. For instance I would have liked to hear more about the sideways place. I did not like "Draw the Dark." I love the author, but this was a let down. It was very slow in most areas of the book, and I was very confused by the constant time and place changes. Towards the end the book, it got a little better but not much. I would not recommend this book to girls especially because they may have a hard time relating to Christian.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Tipp City, OH United States