Monday, April 02, 2012

Agent Amelia No, 1: Ghost Diamond!

              Who's super sneaky and likes to pretend she is someone else?  It is Agent Amelia in the book Ghost Diamond by Michael Broad.  Ghost Diamond is the first book in the Agent Amelia series. Amelia uses her brains and courage to solve crimes.  There are three mysteries in this book.  In the first case, Amelia sends her teacher to jail after she discovers her teacher stealing a diamond. In the second case catches some cat nappers who use real cats to rob a bank.  In the third case, Amelia stops a man from using his whispering weeds to take over the plant world.  

              If you are a girl seven through twelve and you like mysteries you will like this book.  Although this book was very easy for me to read I enjoyed reading about how Amelia solved the mysteries.  If Amelia lived in my neighborhood I would love to be her friend.  My favorite part of the book was when Amelia discovered her teacher was a crook.
Jackson, MO USA