Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rex Riders by J.P. Carlson

Everything is going along fine at Zeke's uncle's ranch
until a Triceratops rages at a stagecoach and the town.
Zeke saves the town including Angelia and Maria from
certain death. Zeke then finds an unconcious stranger a
little ways from Dos Locos who is accompanied by a T-Rex.
When the stranger "comes to" he tells them that
D'Allesandro who does not like Uncle Jesse, is trying to
bring a Triceratops herd into Dos Locos. Zeke and Angelia
must travel to a prehistoric world to try to save the

I think Rex Riders is excellent. The book
draws you into its pages with its vivid descriptions. I
especially like how the author mixes dinosaurs with the
Old West perfectly. He makes it seem so natural. I
recommend this truly prehistoric book to anyone 12 and up.
This book will have you dreaming about dinosaurs for
weeks. I can't wait for the next book in this series to
come out!
Reviewer Age:12 Uxbridge, Ma USA