Thursday, May 26, 2011

Owl Ninja by Sandy Fussell

The book Owl Ninja is a book is about samurai in training kids that are disabled. Niya with one leg, Taji who is blind, Mikko with one arm, Kyoko who has six fingers and toes, but some of the kids have no problems. In this book, one day comes when the kids hear a drumbeat, calling them to war with the dragon Ryu, but the Cockroach Ryu goes to the emperor to stop the war. On the way, the kids meet Ghosts, acquire ninja skills, and meet a ronin with a battle strategy of losing his pants. What happens to the cockroach Ryu? Does the war stop? Find out in this awesome book!

Owl Ninja was interesting book with no bad language and a well-written storyline with a good bit of humor in it. In this book I think that the author's purpose was to provide an interesting adventure book and the author achieved that purpose. This was an interesting book that keeps you reading and wanting more once you' re into it, you won' t want to stop. I think this book would be good for ages 8-14 and might be hard those under eight. One of the effects of the writing that I noticed is that even though it s told from a boy s first person view, at times you think it could be from anyone, and that Niya, the narrator could at times be a girl. I don t mean that in a bad way, but what I' m trying to say is that it was interesting in a good way that you have to remind yourself who Niya is. I would recommend this book to some of my friends who like books about ninja and samurai warriors around my age, 11.

Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and Country: Dickinson, Texas U.S.A.