Saturday, May 07, 2011

Iditarod by Andre Jute

      A story I recently read and enjoyed reading was

Iditarod. It was written by Andre Jute about a woman,

Rhodes. Her dog bites a young Olympians hand, but he

recovers just in time to win the gold medal in downhill

skiing. James, the Olympian, bets her $10,000 that he can

beat her in the Iditarod. She doesn't have that kind of

money, but a rich friend overhears James and puts up the


     From chapter to chapter the novel switches from

Rhodes to James to a pack of wolves, and it hints that

they are on a crash course. Throughout the story they are

chased by bears, overcome by storms, nearly trampled by a

moose, and last of all they run into the wolf pack.

     Iditarod starts out with Rhodes and James running

into each other while they are trying to pull out at the

start of the race. They don't care if they don't win a

prize for first place, just as long as the other one drops

out before they do. It doesn't get much better with Rhodes

fighting a bear and being chased by a moose. James knocks

his head and has a concussion. And they do run into a wolf

pack that is 60 strong.

     During the novel I thought a lot about why the

Iditarod was run, and of all the people that would have

died if the brave men had not delivered the serum to

Nome. Today mushers start in Anchorage and go to Nome

because that was the route that was taken by the serum

deliverers. I thought it was a good book because the

combination of all the elements makes it very

interesting. It will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country:  Leola, South Dakota USA