Friday, May 06, 2011

Girl's Best Friend by Leslie Margolis

Maggie Brooklyn is a twelve year old dog walker. But when her life fills with conflict and mystery, it's harder than ever for her to focus on her studies and dog walking business. There's a dog thief on the loose, and Maggie is determined to get to the bottom of the crime. Plus, she never expected that her ex-BFF and secret crush may both end up getting involved. Will they be able to stop the thief?

I loved this book to death, and I hope the author keeps writing more. I would also love to see this book turn into a series, because the characters are well developed and I can see many more mysteries easily fitting into the theme. My favorite part about the book was how descriptive and unique it was. I also loved the author's sense of humor, which surprisingly didn't ruin any of the serious parts the book contained. One of the only things I didn't feel to be necessary was how the suspects kept changing, and it kind of started to get a little cheesy. Other than that, I think the book was great!

Reviewer Age:10
Reviewer City, State and Country: Evanston, IL USA