Sunday, February 06, 2011

Rex Zero by Tim Wynne-Jones

Rex Zero, The Great Pretender is the last book in the Rex

Zero series. Rex is a 7th grade boy whose family is moving

to a new school district. He is not happy about having to

make all new friends at his new school and about 3 big high

school bullies. He is also very concerned about losing his

old life and his old friends. The book is about how he

deals with these problems. One thing he does is develop a

plan to pretend to his parents that he is attending the new

school, but take the bus back to his old school. Another

thing he does is he tries to outsmart the bullies.

My opinion of this book is that any boy my age would like

it a lot. I really enjoyed it because Rex deals with the same

kinds of problems we all deal with, such as how to stay close

with our friends despite obstacles in our way and how to deal

with bullies. The fact that Rex is the narrator helps make it

easy to understand what he is feeling and where he is coming

from. I liked the book as much as crispy turkey bacon in the

morning. My favorite part is when Rex and his class at his

new school write a story together. The description of how they

do this is really funny. The fun he has doing this helps the reader

see that he is adjusting to his new social situation while remaining

connected to his old friends.