Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Legacy by Gemma Malley

Would you want to live forever? But what if there was a price? The drug Longevity can do just that, keeping your cells at a state of eternal youngness and making death something abnormal a person chooses to do. Here lies a problem. If no one is dying and there are still children being born the world's resources will be quickly used up. The solution to this dilemma is making a declaration for people to sign that if they are going to start using Longevity at age sixteen they can never have children. In this society children born illegally are called Surpluses, and live in a dark depressing building called Surplus Halls. Anna is one of these Surpluses who live in these buildings and fully believes that what her parents did was evil and that their purpose in this world is to work and atone for their parent sins. But one day her life is turned upside when she meets a boy named Peter who speaks out against the Surplus Hall and tells Anna about her parents who love her and who want to bring her home again. Anna and Peter eventually escape the Surplus Hall where they meet back with Anna's parents who work for the Underground, an organization committed to fight against Pincent Pharma the company that makes Longevity. Sadly, Anna's parents kill themselves to save the children and because of a little known loophole Anna, Ben and Peter are now legal citizens and are no longer Surpluses. Peter starts to work for the Underground and meets his half-brother Jude and the leader of the underground, Pip. It soon comes to light that a deathly disease is killing people who take Longevity. Richard Pincent, the mastermind of the Pincent Pharma Company, is on the hunt for the cure and will stop at nothing to find it. Through various clues Richard believes Peter has the formula on a ring he wears. And he will stop at no means to get it. Will the Underground get rid of the people's addiction to Longevity? Will Richard Pincent find a cure? Or will the world succumb to this horrible disease?

This book series is very well written and has a great plot that fans of science fiction will love. In the first book it starts off small mostly based in one location with few characters but as the series grows more characters are added with a faster paced plot and many twists and turns along the way. The ending was an especially delightful surprise and was a shocker! Every question is answered every loose end is tied up and it leaves with an epilogue that is the icing on the cake. I would highly recommend this series to anyone.

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Loves Park, Illinois United States