Tuesday, February 01, 2011

History of the United States by Erik Sass

I recently finished the book History of the United States by Erik Sass. This book was about the entire history of the United States, and it covered everything from the Pilgrims coming over to the Americas on the Mayflower until the NASA space rocket missions. Although the word History may make your eyes glaze over in boredom, the mix of fun facts that are mostly unknown among the common population in the book make the book seem more fun than reading a history textbook. In the mix are lies turned truth, fun facts, and sidebars about useless information that will boost your trivia knowledge. I hope you will consider reading this book. Read the book History of the United States by Erik Sass and prove your history teacher wrong when they are giving yet another false lesson. With this book, you won t be that clueless again.

The book History of the United States by Erik Sass is a very unique one, a history book with very unusual and strange facts tied into the mix. It was a easy book to digest, however, I found that at some points I found myself being averted from the book because sometimes, the book phrased things just like my history textbook does. Then, I would suddenly read a fun fact and I would have all my attention on the book once more. This book goes through almost every event in US , including the ones that I would rather not mention. There were a lot of details, which I learned from, but at the same time I found myself skipping over some. I suggest that Erik Sass go through the book and just cut the details down just a little bit. If this is done, he will have a very successful book on his hands. I would recommend this book to others because it made history fun for me. So for all you history buffs out there, here is some more history to drink in. And for those not so keen about history, give this book a try, because this is the book for you.

his book receives a 2 because there are some topics that adults should screen before letting their child read it. Examples are references to alchohol, intimacy, drugs, etc.
Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Braintree, Massachusetts United States of America