Friday, February 25, 2011

Destiny's Path by Frewin Jones

Branwen has started her journey to save Brython. She is aided by her two trustworthy companions. Rhodri, a half Saxon who used to be a slave to Herewolf Ironfist until he escaped and was saved by Branwen. And Blodwedd, who is the messenger of Govannon of the Wood (one of the Shining Ones). She was an owl until she was charged with watching over Branwen and now she is an owl trapped in a human's body. Her final companion is Fain her trusty falcon guide. But Blodwedd brings tidings of distaster, the coastal village of Gwylan Canu is in danger, so they sneak into Doeth Palas to warn Iwan, the son of the Lord and Lady of Gwylan Canu. Once he is sure they can be trusted he goes to plea with Prince Llew to help him. To make sure all goes well Branwen and her companions follow, and on their journey the old ways are revealed to her. When they reach the coastal citadel they discover Rhodri's true feelings for the owl girl and the treachery of Prince Llew.

Destiny's Path is an enticing book that keeps you always anticipating what will happen next.This book was very easy to follow and had an amazing flow from one chapter to the next. I think the theme of this story is is to have faith in those who guide you. I would recommend Frewin Jones' book to any girl who likes adventure books with a dash of romance.

Battle scenes might not be proper for younger children

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: Makanda, Illinois USA