Monday, February 14, 2011

Case Closed by Susan Hughes was updated

Case closed is a very interesting book. It talks about  erie unsolved events from 1457 bce to 1968.  It covers a wide range of cases including Hatshepsut the lost queen to the lost INS dakar sub.  It has many great pictures relating to the case. The thing I like the best was that it is packed with information. It tells what the case is then describes how the scientist went on to solve it.  It is a perfect book for a classroom.

Susan and Michael's work combine perfectly to make a book any kid would enjoy. It is packed with good info and appealing pictures to make it come alive. It makes you feel like you are there at the scientist's side. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries. It might just lead you one to many more unsolved mystery books!
Reviewer Age:12  Uxbridge, ma usa