Saturday, February 05, 2011

Always a Witch

Always a Witch, the sequel to the acclaimed novel, Once a Witch, depicts a young witch named Tamsin, her witchy family, and the antics a magical teenager can get herself into. The basic plot is mostly about the rivalry between Tasmin’s family (the Greenes) and the other evil witch family living in New York City at the time. Tasmin must go back in time to make sure that history doesn’t get all screwy, the way her family predicts it will. She employs herself in the evil household and makes nice with the 1800’s version of the family she hates, all to save her modern-day family. And it turns out that this long standing family rivalry is well deserved. The evil family has even more secrets than we know. Tasmin must stand victorious or else the fabric of time will be unravelled and all will be lost.

This book was pretty good, but took a long while to get into. I would have enjoyed it more if the author hadn’t put in so many sensory details. The plot was embedded so far into the overabundance of details and side stories that it was difficult to remember all the main points. This did enhance the picture in my head but made the book far too wordy. I had to reread paragraphs several times to get back into it at some parts. This book was enjoyable up to a point, but after reading for so long, I stopped being interested. It read like a good Fanfiction, which is by no means a bad thing, but gives you an idea of how incredibly detailed it was. I would only recommend this book to avid fantasy readers, and I do think that most of the people that enjoy fantasy would enjoy it. I read MacCullough’s two “Witch” books out of order, so I think it works well as a standalone book.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Exeter, NH USA